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The Tour on ITV4

ITV4 To Broadcast Live Tour De France Coverage
News Posted: 17 December 2008

ITV Sport have announced a new deal with Amaury Sport Organisation for the rights to broadcast live coverage of the Tour de France between 2010 and 2013. ITV4 currently broadcasts daily highlights of the Tour de France and some live coverage, but the new deal will see daily live coverage broadcast on the channel for the first time.

The 3,500 kilometre Tour is widely considered to be one of the most grueling sporting events in the world. In addition to the live coverage an hour long highlights programme will be shown on ITV4 each day throughout the race which runs for three weeks each July. The Tour de France will also be simulcast free-to-air on which offers viewers the opportunity to catch up on the coverage and highlights clips. Mobile transmissions of the race will also be broadcast via ITV Mobile.

The live rights to the Tour extends ITV4’s cycling coverage which also includes the Tour of Britain and Tour of Ireland. Full daily highlights of the Tour de France, Tour of Britain and Tour of Ireland were broadcast throughout each race on the channel last year.

Dave Fewings, ITV4 controller said, “ITV4’s cycling coverage has been very well received in previous years and I’m delighted that we’re now able to extend our live coverage of the world’s most famous cycling event. After Mark Cavendish’s spectacular stage wins in 2008 I’m sure we’ll have more British success to follow live on ITV4 in the years to come.”

Fly on a bike!

flyFly on a bike. Goes by the name of Vapona!

Visit Scotland on yer bike!

Cycling News in Scotland

In this news section you’ll find regularly updated articles, features and information regarding cycling in Scotland. Don’t forget to check back regularly to find out whats new! If you have a story you would like to share about Cycling in Scotland, please send us the details by emailing and we’ll include it in these pages.

News Item

The Cornerstone Challenge 2008››

Teams of The Cornerstone Challenge will attempt to cycle as far as they can using the stage distances as targets with the team cycling the furthest total distance clinching the top spot.

Tweed Valley Mountain Bike Hospitality Scheme››

Mountain bikers climb into bed in Tweed Valley.

Tour Pedals Back to Scotland ››

A partnership of EventScotland, Glasgow City Marketing Bureau and Dumfries and Galloway Council have confirmed today that the Tour of Britain will return to Scotland for a fourth consecutive year.

It’s a first for Scotland with the Etape Caledonia››

More than one thousand riders took part in Britain’s first closed road sportive cycling event, the ‘Etape Caledonia’ on 24th June in Pitlochry, Perthshire. The 134 kilometre, or 82 mile, route took in some of Scotland’s most stunning cycling areas include Lochs Rannoch and Tummel.

Friends Re-unite at the Bealach-na-Ba Challenge››

Strathpuffer Ltd are delighted to announce that the second Bealach-na-Ba Challenge will take place on Saturday 1 September 2007 after it’s resounding success last year.

Cycling Scotland
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Wacky Racers!

More odd box wacky racers . Love the lawnmower bike!monocycle


My Info email to the Two Johns – Origins of FRR

Hi two johns,
Last weeks pod cast advice was spot on you only rubber stamped what i was thinking.

I think it is only fair to tell the origins of the name fun run robbie. i was a competitive club runner in those bygone days however the bicycle has always been part of my life. As a wee lad growing up in hawick i went to school on my Rayleigh twenty folding bike, at one time i heard Nazareth’s song “my white bicycle ” , i went into my dads shed and painted the frame gloss white. While studying textiles at Leicester Polytechnic in the 80’s Iowned a dutch style 3 geared bike, and job allowing i have always tried to cycle to work.

The name Fun Run Robbie come about in December 1982, that spring I had ran the London marathon in just under the three hours, however a Frenchman dressed as a waiter carrying a tray with a bottle of wine was Ithink only 30 seconds behind me. Off course this fact was cause for much mirth and merriment for my fellow harriers, and they never allowed me to forget this outcome!

I would like to introduce into the story an athlete called Colin Hume, on of my training partners, Colin was one of the best 800 meter runners in Scotland , and represented his country in the 3000 metres steeplechase and other distances. Colin spent 4 years at Memphis state university where he is still the record holder for 1500m. He would come back to Hawick and tell us tales of America, such as hiding the black athletes in the university van when the klu klux klan were on the prowl, he also told us of a runner called Fun Run Robbie, who would turn up at road races around the Memphis area wearing a ski mask and white shorts and singlet with Fun Run Robbie on the front. His tactic was to sprint into the lead for the first mile then disappear into the crowd.

At the Xmas holidays we always had our Xmas relays , everyone in the club would be put into a team , the adults course was about three miles, i decided to dress up like a french waiter and try to beat some of my colleagues who had been taken the piss over the last few months , however during that fun someone shouted, Look there’s Fun Run Robbie and I have had that nickname ever since, I hope the above explanation has made things a little clearer.

My questions to you are as follows:
1] In the Tour de France they have the cult figure of the devil, if we were to compare the tour with your pod cast which listener would you have as the devil?

2] If a cyclist overtakes on the road is it etiquette for the faster rider to make a polite gesture to the slower rider, i only ask as i have only had people go past me without a sign or word.
In my running days at Leicester I used to train in Bradgate Park, many of the Loughborough university runners also trained in the park.[Lloughborough is the top sports universities in the u.k] One day i was passed by Sebastian Coe, now lord Coe who is in charge of the 2012 London Olympics, and as he passed he said hi and gave a wave gesture,surly if a world record holder can acknowledge a fellow athlete then so should others.

Sorry it’s a long one

Fun Run Robbie

Vintage FRR – Fabled stories from yesteryear!

Only half a mile to go!!

Stewart [aka FRR] was a great member of the Harriers in the late 70s and early 80s
When he started he was a little overweight and I did not think he would go anywhere quick!, but a strong will and a lot of miles he proved me wrong.
His story has strong parallels with another Harrier, Stewart Bennett(aka the mad monk), indeed it was FRR who persuaded a small round guy who was training in the park early mornings to come to the club.
The mad monk soon became a fixture at the club and as the pounds fell off and his mileage continued to increase he became a decent runner
The monk quickly progressed from normal races through marathons and on to a particularly sadistic sport – Ultra racing.
This involved such races as the two bridges(a 36 mile road race) and 24 hour racing where you are measured on how far you run in 1 calendar day.
The monk was very good at this and even beat the legendary Don Riychie on one occasion.
The London to Brighton has many guises – Vintage cars an annual bike ride, mods on scooters(I’m a big Who fan) but the cruellest must be the annual foot race over 52 miles(a double marathon).
The Monk felt this was missing from his CV and decided to give it a go.
For any race of this type you need back up and FRR was just the man for the job – they headed to London for the big race.
Back up involves getting your man drinks,keeping him informed and generally offering encouragement in those dark moments- and over 7 hours of running their must be a few of them.

Anyway, the monk has been through hell but is nearing the end, he struggles up another hill and around the next corner is FRR,- ‘Kick on Stewart only half a mile to go’.
The Monk raises his game one last time but 3 minutes later he is still out in the country, the he sees a roadsign BRIGHTON 5.
Sometime later he reaches the finish on the sea front, FRR is their with tracksuit and a huge grin – The Monk only says 6 words


As a footnote FRR did tell me that its the only race where he has seen the competitors, to a man, take chairs from the changing rooms and sit in the showers – Thank god I was a track runner.

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