Fun Run Robbie’s Whiskey of the Month

glen The whiskey for the month of march, Glenmorangie, a favoured drink of Mr Kenny Fraser ,a training partner of FRR, and seven times scottish white water canoe champion, one of the toughest trainers i had the pleasure to run with.

Happy Birthday Derek Clyne [50 Today]

teviotdale1teviotdale Derek was one of frr training partners, in his old age “clynee” has turned to the noble and ancient scottish game of golf, frr,colin hume, d.clyne are all on the 25th year reunion held for the men of teviotdale harriers

The Race of Truth

go0jcam1sarecafvowxjcarxt2mscacgi78fcaf667ancamz2384cah617slcaw29dq1ca1yxuj2cae8iz1fca5okfwlcazv6qgvca6wyyhcca88w6xnca17mv2nca8fl1g9ca59zgyfca0ggz40cauulccmThe beauty of tactics: Another ‘race of truth’

Cunego played the loyal teammate as long as he could, then dashed to the line for the win
Photo: Graham Watson
A time trial is often called the “race of truth” because each rider is racing against the clock, giving his or her best. There is no teamwork. There is no drafting. The winner is the cyclist who can ride the fastest.

In today’s stage of the Giro, we can clearly say that it, too, was a “race of truth.” There was no denying the young Italian rider, Damiano Cunego. He deserves to be wearing the pink race leader’s jersey.

There has been a lot of speculation about the dynamics in the Saeco camp. Was there tension between the young rising star, Cunego, and the team leader, Simoni? Cunego has said that he would support his team leader in his bid to win this year’s Giro, thereby taking himself out of the leadership position.

Today was the day everyone was put to the test – a race of truth so to speak.

The race played out perfectly for Saeco. The team worked perfectly to keep the pace steady for the group containing their team leader, Simoni, and their race leader, Cunego. The plan must have been to either deliver the two great Italian climbers to the base of the Gavia, or, if possible, to the base of the final 10km climb to Bormio 2000.

The team’s hard work paid off, and the two Saeco team leaders arrived at the base of the final climb together, with just one lone and fading rider ahead. It is a moment of truth for Simoni; if he is to regain control of the race, it must be now. He attacks and establishes a small lead. In the group behind the race leader, Cunego watches and waits, simply following the wheels of the few riders left who have the strength to chase.

Clearly, Simoni did not have the strength and form he did last year, when he won the overall, or he would have ridden away from the chasers. Instead, he could not muster a lead of even a minute over the pursuit.

For his part, Cunego was true to his word. He was playing the part of a faithful teammate and following the wheels of those chasing. Simoni’s moment of truth had come and gone; he did not have the strength to win the race, though he would move up in the overall classification. The defending champion was finally reeled back in, and the small group approached the finish together.

And then, in further proof of his dominance, the 22-year-old Cunego jumped for the line with Simoni on his wheel. But neither his older teammate nor anyone else could even come close to staying with as he powered across the finish line to win his race of truth.

Thomas Prehn is a former USPRO champion and author of the recentlyreleased “RacingTactics for Cyclists,” now available through VeloPress. If you have questions about tactics employed during a particularstage at the Giro d’Italia, send a note to WebLetters@InsideInc.comWe will try to answer a selection of questions on a regular basis duringthe Giro d’Italia.

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Scottish Roadie’s Cycling Club

stirling-bike-clubStirling Bike Club

Here you will find all the information that is current for the club, there will also be archived information that can be used as background reading – not that this is something that can accompany you in the bath!

If you are interested in any particular type of cycling please follow the links on the left hand side where further information on times of club rides, details on racing etc. can be found.

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Mountain Biking in Iran

qeshm2085_11_520359Goals of Gashta mountain biking club are:

1) Motivation and publicizing and spreading the mountain biking culture by holding various tours and excursions

2) Identifying natural and mountainous spots through tours and excursions

3) Safekeeping our mountainous locations from an environmental point of view and all natural resources and publicizing environmentalism by providing suitable methods and models through training the basics and principles of that cultural tact

4) Introduction and training on various parts of mountain bikes for interested parties

5) Spotting fresh talent and providing them with the needed orientation

6) Holding training classes

Fun Run Robbie Cycling Podcast Favorites

bachmanBachman-Turner Overdrive (frequently known as BTO) is a Canadian rock group from Winnipeg, Manitoba, that enjoyed a string of hit albums and singles in the 1970s. The band has sold an estimated 20 million albums worldwide, and has fans affectionately known as “gearheads.”[1] Many of their songs, including “Let It Ride”, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”, and “Takin’ Care of Business”, receive frequent play on many FM classic rock stations.

The Bachman family name is pronounced /bækmən/ and the band uses this pronunciation when referring to themselves.[2] The alternative pronunciation of Bachman as /bɑkmən/, especially on American radio, became so widespread that the band no longer made the correction and both pronunciations have become acceptable.

Great lowcost Cycling items at Lidl stores this Thursday 26th Feb

If you can visit a Lidl food and general store this Thursday there are a lot of Cycling items such as lights, clothing, panniers etc etc at really low prices. Check the website for info at I like the look of the Gel saddle for under £7-00!!!

Paul Sherwin the other voice of Cycling

paulPaul Sherwen (born in Widnes, Cheshire on 7 June 1956[1][2]) is an English former professional racing cyclist. He is now a broadcaster on cycling, notably the Tour de France. He raced in seven editions of the Tour, finishing five, and gained a reputation for his ability to suffer over long mountain stages.


Sherwen started as a swimmer, finishing second in the under-14 Kenyan swimming championship. Upon returning to Britain, he won the regional under-18 championship for Runcorn and District. However, at 16, he turned to cycling and rode for the Weaver Valley CC in Cheshire, receiving guidance from Manchester coach Harold Nelson.

At 19, riding for Altrincham Road Club, he won the season-long Star Trophy series in 1976, winning the Manx International and the Archer Pernod GP and two stages in the Tour of Malago.

A year later, he won Folkestone-London, attacking from the gun. For the French team ACBB (Athletic Club Boulogne Billancourt) he won Paris-Barentin, Paris-Mauberge and the Tour de l’Essone, was third in the amateur Paris-Roubaix and second in the British championship. Despite spending only part of the year in France due to examinations, he came second in the season-long Palme d’Or competition. 1977 saw him ride the world championship in Venezuela, the pro-am Étoile des Éspoirs and the Scottish Milk Race.

In 1978 he turned professional for Fiat under Raphaël Géminiani, and later rode as a domestique in the La Redoute cycling team.

He finished 70th in the 1978 Tour de France. In 1980, he came close to being eliminated on the third stage of the Tour. He finished outside the cut-off time (a percentage of the winner’s time), but was reinstated in view of his solo chase after a crash. The reinstatement delayed abandonment, and he was to repeat the process six years later.

Sherwen was 20th and 11th in Milan-Sanremo in 1979 and 1980 respectively, and 15th in the 1984 Paris-Roubaix. He finished third in the Tour du Haut-Var, won by Seán Kelly, in 1982, following a stage win in the season-opening Tour of the Mediterranean. He came second in the Four Days of Dunkirk in 1983, winning a stage. He won the Grand Prix de Denain.

In the Tour, Sherwen finished 111th in 1982 and 116th in 1984. During the last mountain stage of 1984, he diced with the cut-off time. Riding with Australian cyclist Allan Peiper towards the summit at La Plagne, Peiper was knocked from his bike by a Dutch enthusiast. Sherwen – aware of the cut-off – told him to get back on his bike and they crossed the line just inside the limit.

[edit] 1985 tour

On the first day in the mountains of the 1985 Tour de France, Sherwen crashed in the first kilometre before the race had left Epinal. With Bernard Hinault setting a fast pace, Sherwen had little chance to regain the other riders. He rode solo for six hours over six mountains, accompanied by a motorcycle outrider, and was over an hour behind the stage winner, and 23 minutes outside the cut-off – the Tour publicity caravan had started its return journey and had to move to one side to allow Sherwen to complete the stage. However, again, his courage and endurance were rewarded by reinstatement – he did continue and went on to finish this Tour which would be his last.

Sherwen retired after winning the British road race championship in 1987. He managed the Banana-Raleigh team until Raleigh pulled out at the end of 1989. During this time, he worked as a co-comentator with Phil Liggett for Channel 4‘s coverage of the Tour de France. After Banana-Raleigh, Sherwen worked with the American Motorola Cycling Team.