Velocast a brand new podcast direct to you from Scotland

Pick  this new podcast up from i-tunes, i listened to the boys on the way home , enjoyed the crack Fun Run Robbie velocast Is it the two johns scottish cousins?

Nazerath Scottish Rock Bands Hit “MY WHITE BICYCLE” Recomended by FRR on the Kim West Cycling Hour


News of Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong,along with Astana teammates Levi Leipheimer and Chris Horner, will race beginning Wednesday in the five-day SRAM Tour of Gila, near Silver City, N.M.

Armstrong, who is recovering from a broken collarbone suffered in the Castilla y Leon stage race in Spain last month, had said last week he wanted to ride in the New Mexico race, which features some difficult climbs, as a test before he goes to the Giro d’Italia, which begins May 9. Armstrong, who has been training in Aspen, Colo., along with Leipheimer and Horner, had been told that international cycling rules prevented international-level teams such as Astana from racing in small, national races. But the International Cycling Federation told USA Cycling officials that as long as no more than three members from Astana entered and they didn’t wear Astana gear, the riders could race.

So Armstrong, Leipheimer and Horner will race in Mellow Johnny’sjerseys. Mellow Johnny’s is the Austin, Texas, bike shop partly owned by Armstrong. Horner, who also fractured his collarbone (on April 9 in a Spanish race) will be testing his recovery as well.

According to a statement sent out by Astana, three-time Amgen Tour of California winner Leipheimer said, “Lance and I are psyched to race the Gila. It’s great preparation for Europe, and we know this race will be challenging. There is a [heck] of a lot of uphill.”

The New Frame for Fun Run Robbie

trekThe new frame for Fun Run Robbie bought from E/bay

The FRR Bicycle Collection

sarecenventouxraleigh-team-bananaraleigh-fireflyThe three bikes in FRR collection ,on top is the sarecen ventoux.far left is the raleigh team banana and to the center is the raleigh firefly mountain bike

Patricio and Jaun Two Cycling Chums Of FRR

woolymammoth1 This season Team Wooly Mammoth’s racers have been turning heads with not only their highly erotic kits, but also with their Ukrainian made Romancer steeds nestled betwixt their heavily oiled legs.

The Romancer frame model, dubbed “the Provocateur”, is made of an ultra space age polymer known as Al-u-minium, which is the first time this material has been used in any application outside of the aerospace field. The Al-u-minium used on all TWM Provocateur frames came from an abandoned MiG29 factory outside of Kiev.

The Race of Truth

race-of-truthAs part of the FRR training regime , he  uses the race of truth to get used to racing pace. Tonight on the Redbourne Road he set a new course record of  34:49 , his old record was 35:59. He was at the turn in 18:12, which is the fastest time to the turn.