Tour of Turkey starts today 14/4/08

45th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey kicks off

The 45th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey began in the historical Sultanahmet Square, Istanbul on Sunday with the start given by Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul.

The tour took start with the 142 km long first stage, “Istanbul & Istanbul“, in the Sultanahmet. The 142 km long first stage will consist of 14 laps around the Sultanahmet Square and by the coastline.


The tour was placed on the agenda of the UCI (International Cycling Union) as one of the most important competitions of the world, and was upgraded to 2.1 Category in 2008.


The Presidential Cycling Tour is of great importance in the worldwide promotion of Turkey. Along with the German and Turkish National Cycling teams, 18 other professional teams consisting of cyclists from 23 countries will compete in this year’s tour.


The stages of the tour are as follows:


1. Istanbul-Istanbul: 142km (14 laps)

2. Izmir-Kusadasi: 132.5km

3. Kusadasi-Bodrum: 166.1km

4. Bodrum-Marmaris: 166.9km

5. Marmaris-Fethiye: 130km

6. Fethiye-Finike: 194km

7. Finike-Antalya: 114.5km

8. Antalya-Alanya: 166km

Total: 1.212km