A photograph of the Desert Dog and One John ready to fight for the ultimate prize

desert dogThe Desert Dog is one serious looking dude, i will not take him on over the 10m TT, he could give Lance a good whipping.

Is this the bike of the 2009 Tour De France Winner?

lances machine

For a Scottish World Record Holder Mr Mark Beaumont a picture of the Scottish Cycling Mug Design

Kim West Mug finishedWell done Mark, a real ambasador for Scotland.

News of the Snowflake Boy “Tom Boonen”

Nanterre court to settle affair four days before Tour start

Tom Boonen will be at the national championships in Aywaille, Belgium, this weekend without knowing whether he will participate in the Tour de France starting one week later. A court case’s verdict between team Quick Step and Tour organiser Amaury Sports Organisation (ASO) is expected 15:00 Tuesday.

The court in Nanterre, France, is hearing the case.

Tour organisers asked Boonen to stay home after he tested positive for cocaine a third time. Officials tested him out of competition on April 27.

Team Quick Step bases Boonen’s defence around the fact that out of competition cocaine use an offense resulting in a disciplinary procedure. The team said that organiser ASO would have allowed him to race, but former French Secretary for Sports, Bernard Laporte, pushed ASO to exclude Boonen.

ASO argued that the Nanterre court is not competent to judge the affair. It said it should French Olympic Committee court (CNOSF) according to a contract between the organiser and the teams.

ASO’s lawyer Jacques Nataf said there would be damage to the Tour’s image should Boonen participate.

“This is not a doping affair,” said Nataf in court Thursday. “But when Tom Boonen, who is a very famous champion, wins a sprint in the Tour de France … the whole world sees it.”

Boonen, 28, won the Paris-Roubaix for a third time this year and has six career stage wins at the Tour.

Race across America


As mentioned by Scott and John from the Velocast, If you like the Two Johns Podcast you will enjoy the boys from Pebbles 25 miles away from Hawick , where Fun Run Robbie comes from.

Fancy a Cycling Adventure why not try Iran


Fun Run Robbie’s Running Times

lauren1lanceaaalanceaaAs discussed on the latest 2 Johns Pod Cast , FRR wants to put the record strait about marathon times. Lance Armstrong has run 3 his fastest being the 2007 New York Marathon in 2h46min43sec , Laurent Jalabert ran in the 2005 New York race and ran 2h 55min 39 sec. FRR ran in the 1982 London Marathon and ran 2h 58 min 42 sec, however a half marathon time of 1h 12 min 30 sec and a 10 K  at 32min20 sec is my PB.