Bike Snob NYC a great blog site to go to , here him on the latest 2 Johns Pod Cast

The Bike Snob mentioned freaky bikes people ride, This is mine a Giant 1992 City bike renovated from the scrap heap resprayed Yellow , with drop handlebars, this is one of my commuting bikes, 6 gears but fun to ride.

A nice wee place for a cup of tea after a bike ride

Scouse Pepes old Parker kmoll nice for a wee nap

Even Mario Cipollini Mum could not beat FRR’ Spagetti Dish

This secret Scottish/Italian dish has been handed down through the generations

Fun Run Robies Saturday Evening meal, just what you need after a hard 10 m Time Trial

For John the Monkey my Raleigh Team Banana

20oc Not a cloud or aircraft in the sky, its like a Californian day in Merry Ye Olde St Albans

The FRR Garden is ready for the Summer

FRR finds his old running spikes in the shed, the trophy was for 2nd pace in the Teviotdale Harriers X-Country Championship around 1982 , will they ever be used again in anger?

As Sean Connery said in the movie the rock ” in my day you only had a pair of flippers”

Kerry Smith doing a Spartucus Yabonhey!!!

Champs Elysees FRR style

FRR cleaned and Fixed Mrs FRR ‘S Shah of Iran style fountain hope she will be happywith the results, ” Aye dear av been that busy with the garden av had na time ta da ma cycling”

@Owenp Looking Cool and ready to attack Spartucus style, he is wearing the Royal Blue Kit of the famous Stirling Cycling Club. Many of you 2 Johns Podcast Listers Know Owen as the Scottish Roadie, well done Owen a great picture for the Album.