See what @bmfw started a good gate to keep the English oot

To enjoy the Velta get some nice Spanish Toritzio from Scouse Pepe at Products from Spain London Ltd

The Bikes Of Fun Run Robbie which have went to new owners. Too many bikes in the man cave

Was sold for £50

Sold for £50

Sold for £64

A nice comment from the new owner of the Halfords Olympic Rider

had a fantastic ride home from Euston, went over Waterloo bridge sitting tall looking at the lights on the river rather than huffing and puffing on my old heffer of a bike! it’s a bloody brilliant ride, going to be bopping all over london in the beauty but i’m still a bit wobbly so might have to leave the post pub cycles home from east to west for a while!
what size frame is the peugeot? there’re always a few people looking for bikes in london

– missypinkiepoo

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Its Lighting up time

From the Local Paper The Herts Advertiser “Author republishes his hit novel

A Bestseller from the 1980’s written by former Olympic coach Tom Macnab is being self published by the authorafter his publisher refused to reprint it.

Tom who  has lived in St Albans  for many years and is a sopporter of charities like Grove House topped  The Times bestseller list for his hit novel Flanagans Run in 1982. It was translated into 16 languages and hundreds of thousands of copies were sold worldwide.

But when Tom approached his publisher to release a new edition in 2009 ,he was turned down- despite the imminent release of a Mirimax film adaption with Quentin Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein as producers.

Tom felt that a whole new generation of readerswould be interested in the novel so he approached a self-publishing house Authorhouse to re-publish it himself. Tom told  BBC Radio four’s Open Book programme recently that his attitude was that if Flanigans Run was good enough to be read by thousands of people all over the world in 1982 , then there must be another group of people equally capable of enjoying it.

Flanigans Run tells the story of a 3000 – mile marathon across the United States in the 1930’s Depression era. It follows 2000 hopefuls as they begin the gruelling race from Los Angeles to New York – a race ultimately beset by danger and disaster as the American sports establishment conspire to sabotage the event.

Flanigans Run is available from Amazon UK , the publisher’s website and from £10.50

A book which is well worth a read if your an endurance athlete , get to know characters like Doc Cole , Hugh MacPhail [A scot like me]


Scouse Pepe is coming round for a coffee

For Mr Jan Valencia, the vinyards of FRR at Sunnydell St Albans

Mrs Fun Run Robbie relaxes in the garden

The Halfords Olympic Rider with its Carrier Rack