A New Cycling Podcast from Scotland


Fauna and Flora from Fun Run Robbie’s Garden

Sunflowers from the FRR Garden.

The humble grape grown in the vineyards of FRR

Cycling Weekly had an survey of rear red cycle lights but like Clint Eastwoods Magnum they did not mention the most powerful rear cycle light in the world ,the super flash by planet bike, also get yourself some flashing blues, motorists are more considerate to riders using blue as they think it may be an off duty copper [policeman] on his bike


To the Dutchman , You will eat FRR’S dust now! even on your new white road bike

Another Soup by FRR [Pea and Ham] made on Sunday Made on Sunday 19/9/10

The breakfast before the Verulam CC Sunday morning run

Make use of your old tyres, take the walls off and use the tread as a liner inside the new tyre. This tip was given to me by my mechanic Ray. Every commuting bike has an old tyre liner, not had any punctures

Picture on Top: Cut the walls of the old or damaged tyre

Picture in the middle : The tread of the old tyre

Picture on the bottom: The old tread is used as a liner in the new tyre , giving the cyclist extre protection against punctures

FRR Jnr in goal his school St Columbus was playing Eton College, school of the Prime Minister and Mayor of London the cyclist Boris Johnson

Rolf Harris would be proud of this one, On the bike heading for school 6:45am 16/9/10 the day the pilgrim fathers headed for the new world

FRR after a 1 hour 38 min run