A Scene from my native Hawick, a town which gave me the joy of sport ,Happy New Year and Hock aye the Noo to all you folks that take the trouble and have a look at “FUN RUN ROBBIE”

The Fun Run Robbie blog is 2 years old today, help yourself to a piece of cake , and thank you the 62,047 odd punters who are mad enough to visit this site , may you all achieve personal bests over the 10 mile time trial in 2011

A good way to start 2011

The perfect machine for @sofaboy [John Galloway] International cycling Podcaster

Italians ,the magnificent 7 ,and the first James Bond

The Lonelyness of the Long Distance Cyclist

special thanks to simon lamb

Who is this Mysterious Scottish Rider

I think its Hamish Ackenleck Boswell Mackerron , the famous scottish Duathlete , the Scots equivelant to the Desert Dog of 2 Johns Podcast fame.