A Scene from my native Hawick, a town which gave me the joy of sport ,Happy New Year and Hock aye the Noo to all you folks that take the trouble and have a look at “FUN RUN ROBBIE”

The Fun Run Robbie blog is 2 years old today, help yourself to a piece of cake , and thank you the 62,047 odd punters who are mad enough to visit this site , may you all achieve personal bests over the 10 mile time trial in 2011

A good way to start 2011

The perfect machine for @sofaboy [John Galloway] International cycling Podcaster

Italians ,the magnificent 7 ,and the first James Bond

The Lonelyness of the Long Distance Cyclist

special thanks to simon lamb

Who is this Mysterious Scottish Rider

I think its Hamish Ackenleck Boswell Mackerron , the famous scottish Duathlete , the Scots equivelant to the Desert Dog of 2 Johns Podcast fame.

Cycle the moon


The Goodies Goody Goody Yum Yum!



They were on last night on BBC2 , with junior choice on BBC radio2 today have i went back in time?

Gives me an idea , a clash of titans , the VCDL [Velo Club Don Logan] boys, V @sofaboy @jvalen and @frr

Frankie goes to Hollywood Does an Xmas Hit 1984 Franco Moser won the Giro that year


Franco’s track bike which he broke the world record for 1h

Franco like all of us still riding his bike today