A view of St Albans for the @stevecarty otherwise known as the Rasta Rodie of the Two Johns Podcast fame


A picture of Merry ye olde St Albans for the Rasta Roadie

A picture of my native town Hawick in the Scottish Borders

The Sram Apex Groupset

A Trip to the Dunstable Down’s Alps


The big day had arrived after 2 years of collecting all the relevant parts the Trek Discovery Channel was ready, and the 19th of May the Verulam CC social squad destination was the Dunstable downs , a ride of 50 miles for the Sunday morning run .

Body Shape

             Just to paint a picture I am no mountain goat of a rider , maybe a accurate description would be a Hawick R.F.C 3rd fifteen flank forward, aye I have a few kilos to carry up the hills with me.

Why I Chose the Apex

                 It was over a year ago when Sram launched the Apex aimed at the sportive rider, as I had sold my old Suzuki Motorbike for £800 , I put £400 towards the apex which I purchased from Rutland cycles, On the ride today we had a few climbs, If I had been on my Raleigh Airlight 300 with the gearings of [Front Compact] 50/34 and the cassette of 24/14 the climbs would have been much harder , with the Apex [Front Compact 50/34 and the cassette of 11/32 it was much easier , in fact I only used the 28 on the steepest climbs I still had the 32 in reserve. It was a revelation to be comfortable on the hills, although I did notice the heart rate do up to 150 bpm. On the flat and downhill the smaller 11, 12.13 on the small ring on the front were sufficient to keep up with the pace of the group. To sum up the advantage of using this group set is the hill climbing, for somebody who is aiming to get fitter or starting cycling and tackling 50 milers for the first time this is a great group set. On that run I hardly used the big ring at the front, if you were planning to go eyeballs out; you have plenty of firepower with the 50 and the 11,12,13,15.16 cassette. To sum it up I had a great run on the Trek, I might even try the bike in the weekly time trial.


Stewart FRR Barker