Winner of this years Tour of California [As Derek on the Flammcast would say the 4th Grand Tour]


Mr Chris Horner winner of the 2011 Tour of California , here an interview on the Two Johns Podcast [I-Tunes] or[]  Podcast aired [USA] 5/19/08  or [UK] 19/5/08 42:20 min into the podcast.

Is this a bike ? Not as we know it Jim [Star Trek]

Nulla: Ultramodern Spokeless Bike

(image via: tuvie)

Nulla means “nothing” in Italian, and though this bicycle is closer to “nothing” than most, it’s still a whole lot of something. Like the minimalist theft-proof bicycle by Chris Boardman, the Nulla has no hubs or chain drive for perhaps the sleekest, most futuristic look yet.