BMX Boys Fun Run Robbie is going to smoke you out with the chopper styled Giant Escape Mini Velo , rear tyre [110psi] front tyre [95psi] took it on 90 min run today it was great fun to ride this rig , it shifts on the flat

The Podcaster Boys of the Velo Club Don Logan at Ben Nevis for The World Mountain Bike Championships

The Dons [Velo Club Don Logan] at the top of the world [Ben Nevis the highest peak in the UK] Listen to the Dons podcast it value for money , Just google Velo Club Don Logan

The 20″ BMX Tyre i put on the rear of the giant mini velo commuting bike[no punctures for me]

MAXXIS Ringworm tires
   by lsteven14 | 20 Jul 2005 12:04 am

I used this Maxxis: Ringworm as a back tire for street and park. I had it for about 5 months and I got a new bike that came with new tires so I sold this used tire for $10. So far 3 people has used this same time! These things rock I tell you! This is all you ever wanted in a street or ramp tire! It grips like no other tire I had (I tryed multiple street tires like haro ms-4 tire, kenda kikzumbut tire.)

When I first learned wallrides, it stuck to the wall like glue if you go fast enough! Also when I learned how to grind on this ledge, the sidewalls on these tires got rubbed alot, but didnt lose any tred! Thats the plus with these tires, its great for begginer grinders and wallriders!

These tires have a huge max psi (PSI = Pounds of air per square inch) it refers to as how much air you can put in the tire and how hard it will become. Most tires have 60-80 psi, since this one has 110 psi it will be alot harder, but I ride mine at 80 psi in the back! Its hard enough and I haven’t had a pinch flat in 3 months! Before when I rode the kenda tire, I got a pinch flat like EVERY day and it was a bunch of crap, so I got this tire off a friend, he only used it once or twice and then he gave it to me because I was in need of one.
Also, when your tire is really hard, its harder to bend your rims, or get a pintch-flat which is when you land really hard and all the pressure is put on your tubes and they pop and you could get rim damage. When you run this tire at a higher psi is also helps with punctures caused by thorns and glass and other sharp objects!

If you like to do skids use this tire! You can make long skids, make nice black marks everywhere, and it won’t wear down as much as other tires! Its so much fun, I love doing skids and no tire has lasted me more then a week when I do them like this.

Use: Street/Park Tire
Max PSI: 110 psi
Colors: Black

Overall, I give this tire a 10/10.