The Dutch are good for somthings

A nice wee bike built by my mechanic friend Ray

Big Tex the most tested cyclist for performance enhanced drugs and HAS never had a positive drug test. Ar a famous Scottish Member of Parliament once told the Neocons up in Capital Hill for the Money for Iraqi Oil once said , and I say to the Naviski /Wada Rascals “Either Put up or Shut up”

The Desparate Dual cycle ride starting in the Town of Panguitch in August 19th this year

get yourself a tan line like this cyclist


Last report of the @westernsuperfan [Shane] he was at the town of Panguitch on his Saint to sinners ride , this town has its own cycle ride ,the desparado dual on the weekend of the 19th August , keep it going Shane!

Saints to Sinners a ride being done by @westernsuperfan of @twojohnspodcast Fame

Good Luck Shane remenber to drink plenty Coca  Cola , as it will be hot in the Desert , God Speed to Vagas

Ready to Roll 21st August Hawick “The Ken Laidlaw Sportive”

Harolds Cycling in Hertfordshire , a fellow member of the Verulam CC , a great wee blog give Harry a look now and again

Even the Americans have’nt a launce system like this one . Green for go!!!


Spot the difference Owen



Both FRR and David Millar have taken to wear Aero Helmets , Halfords £25 , a bargin Owen

Great TDF Prints from Crayon on fire