Its always good to obay the Two Johns Law

This week has been special , taking part and finishing the Ken Laidlaw , Young FRR achieves good GCSE results, the graphics students at my school do well, , one week left of the holiday , the cycling gods have looked kindly on me this week. I went to pick up young FRR up from his friends in St Albans. Parking my car a young gentleman stops me for help, his car won’t start and he is travelling back to Nottingham. I said give me 15 min , I will go home and get my jump leads , returning we got his Audi going. We exchanged pleasantries then he give me a card, he is the new manager for one of the top Italian restaurants in St Albans, he said I start in the middle of next month , give me a call and come for a meal. The Two Johns Podcast  boys [Cycling]  always say [2 Johns Law] always give something back if life has been good, it worked for FRR with surprising results. I said to Satchin[The Manager] if I was stuck I would hope someone would do the same for me. FRR 

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