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The Buzz Bomber
Hawick is a sporting town, but that sport has to be Rugby.
We have any number of alternative sports clubs in the town and they have produced International Athletes, Cyclists,Boxers,Canoeists etc
But its Rugby which is recognised, and to be fair Hawick RFC is the most sucessful club in Scottish Rugby history.
However, when some overwieght 3rd choice prop is telling you how good a sportsman he is while your barely awake after that 10 mile burn up, you really wish you could show him what training is really all about.
So you are out for an easy run with your mates and suddenly 200yards down the road a Rugby star is plodding down the road, what do you do?
Engage silent mode, turn on the afterburners and hunt him down – failure is not an option, you have to steam past this superstar and leave him trailing in your wake.
But FRR took it one step further!!
FRR is coming to the end of his evening run when he is confronted by the Hawick Trades Rugby team doing a training session.
As he closes in (silent mode engaged) he realises that on the sound of the whistle the man at the back has to make his way to the front, where he slows up and the process is repeated.
FRR silently joins the back of the group, the whistle goes and he takes off passing the guys who’s turn it is, but when FRR reaches the front he employ’s the Ovett wave, and with a loud insane laugh just keeps going into the darkness.
The Trades are not happy, who the hell was that?
Buy FRR is not finished, he races on for 600yards then ducks down a track.
The Trades waddle by, only a mile to go and they are home, dignity upheld as no one but they no about the mystery attack.
How wrong they are, just before they reach the safety of the town FRR strikes again  and for a second time they are ‘Buzzed’ by this mysterious runner.with insane laugh and the cheeky wave.
Well done FRR a victory for the underdog, all hard training athletes salute you.

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