Ringworm 20″ Tyres the choice of FRR for his commute on the Giant Mini Velo , “Rolling Thunder” on the St Albans to Hemel Hempstead Road , with 110 PSI this bike is Smoking

The Ringworm tread encircles both sidewalls from rim edge to rim edge to protect the tire casing from premature wear. This allows longer tire life for street and ramp riders that grind coping, rails, curbs, etc. The side tread also benefits high angle cornering and flatland maneuvers. The Ringworm excels on the street, parks, flats, and ramps. Rated high pressure at 110 PSI.

As our HookWorm tire was being developed, a few of our 20-inch pros requested a tread pattern that covered the entire sidewall. Their old-school tires were wearing through the sidewalls too quickly when doing rails, thus shortening the life of the tire. The idea was to get more performance and longevity for freestyle riders who run pegs. The result is a directional tread that encompasses the entire tire from rim edge to rim edge.


• The additional tread on the sidewalls prevents premature wear, hooks on walls, rails, and coping.
• 70a durometer. 110 PSI.
• Tire Size: 20×1.95
• TPI: 60
• Max PSI: 110
• Weight: 710
• Durometer: 70a