Fiat Multipla vandalized by the Top Gear Morons



7 Responses

  1. Dear Robbie,
    Tush, Tush, well perhaps I didnt mean to blow the bloody doors off so spectacularly but I think the Rover Multipla is a great concept! Expect second hand prices of Multiplas to rocket as people can reinvent them for there old age! Being such a young man I guess you will be moving on to something sportier, perhaps an Alfa Romeo Spider, I had one once, lovely red number, would suit you sir.
    Bye for now

    Jezza Harlem Shaker

  2. Hey Massoof Robbie,

    Perhaps we should buy Jezza a pair of these??!collection/c99l

    Big Mac

  3. Hi Robroy,
    I think they missed a trick, blue under car LED lighting! Its legal see this link

    and you can get them for your Multipla here

    How cool is that!
    FunrunMobile looking the business, be the envy of your pals!!


  4. Hi nice man Mr FRR,
    I see this on Ebay nice new grill for your Multipla, you then just look like Top Gear car?
    and I see boot badge to

    I wish I live in UK, we do not have wonderful Multipla car in China

    May kindest thoughts,

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