Fun Run Robbie does a Robert Millar

Day out in France 109


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  1. When I first glanced at this I thought it looked like the Z had parped! I’m sure Robbie you could have reworked this with your clever CAD programmes. Do you know what the Z represents??

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    • Hi,
      The Z was the name / logo of the french childrens clothing manufacturer that sponsored that cycling team.

      The team was born out of the Peugeot cycling team, which existed from the early 1900s to 1986. Roger Legeay was the Peugeot team’s last manager, and he created Vétements Z-Peugeot in 1987 (taking its name from the children’s clothing brand Z and the car manufacturer Peugeot). That year, the team made its appearance at the Tour de France, with Frenchman Pascal Simon as its leading cyclist.
      In 1988, under the name of Z-Peugeot, the team achieved its first stage win at the Tour de France when Jérôme Simon (Pascal Simon’s brother) won stage 9 of the tour. The team’s second stage win came in 1989, when the Scottish rider Robert Millar took a mountain stage.

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