Laurent Fignon on his famous TT bike , wonder if they do white gorilla tape at Homebace.


Bank Holiday Monday Littlehampton West Sussex

little1 little2little3

The Fun Run Robbie Cycling Jersey Mug

1frr mud 2FRRMUG2

Fun Run Robbie Merchandise

laidlaw mug 1Ken hawick mug

The Giant Mini Velo ready for the new term , I have added a Carradice old school saddle bag.

mini velo 1 wee bestie repair

A gentleman who I chatted to in Littlehampton , Dr Mills well done Sir! for looking after your lovely bicycle , your mum would have been proud.

Dr Mills

How I repaired the Giant Mini Velo’s Frame

Velo Repair

A classic Cycling Mug


New Twitter and Facebook Avatar


The Scottish Roadie of the Two Johns Cycling Podcast Fame racing the sun. [Owen is the rider on the in the darker Stirling CC Jersey.