Today is what I call the Golden Sunday , Its the thought of five more days to work , then its our Christmas Holidays , as the teacher in the photograph says “Yippee!!!”

Golden Sunday


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  1. Yes only 5 days till the holidays. Best to you and yours
    Jen Cooper aka ” jensprockets” from the Two Johns Nation

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Hope the bike riding is going well , three questions for you:
      1] What is your best time for the British 10 mile time trial?
      2] What bike do you ride?
      3] Where do you ride and do you ride for a club.

      Nice to here from you.
      Fun Run Robbie

  2. Dear Robbie,
    Now Labour’s Shadow Education Minister is fueling the debate! #weLoveMichaelGove

    And I quote
    Tristram Hunt told the BBC Breakfast the idea was about recognising the “enormously important” role that teachers played and helping the profession “grow”.

    “Just like lawyers and doctors they should have the same professional standing which means re-licensing themselves, which means continued professional development, which means being the best possible they can be,” he said.

    “If you’re not a motivated teacher – passionate about your subject, passionate about being in the classroom – then you shouldn’t really be in this profession.

    “So if you’re not willing to engage in re-licensing to update your skills then you really shouldn’t be in the classroom,” he added.

    Owen Masterones

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comment , and yes I am in full agreement for being as professional as I can in the graphics classroom. All I said was lets try this on the House of Commons and House of Lords first.
      Thank You
      Fun Run Robbie

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