The Common Riding Cycling Logo for the Sussex Hawick Boys , 500 miles in 6 days , Chapeau Lads


London To Brighton Team Logo


Gardening Fun at Sunnydell

Digital CameraDigital Camera

Gardening Fun at Golders Green

Digital CameraDigital CameraDigital Camera

As seen on BBC2 tonight well done Hawick Knitwear

hawick knitwear

My drawing for today

sparticus jersey

Tour of Flanders 2014 Logo

tour of flanders textsoft

A special T-Shirt for my great mentor at Teviotdale Harriers , Mr Alan Samuel

t-shirt alan

Well done the runners of Teviotdale Harriers. The Re-Union 2014, lots of my friends and rivals in this picture , a few of the 1979 Paris Trip as well.

teviotdale re-union1

This drawing is for all my old Teviotdale friends and rivals. It is particularly appropriate for Mr Herb Elliot, Mr Derek Clyne and last but not least Mr Niel Dalgetty.

teviotdale harriers re union