My drawing for today

cobblec and mountaind

A little design and technology project that I did today.


My drawing for today BEER


Ken Laidlaw is from Hawick only one of 3 Scots ever to complete the Tour de France with Robert Millar and David Millar, by the way Ken’s mothers maiden name was also Millar. Ken rode for Hawick Cycling Club the Oldest club in Scotland and according to records was formed in 1881.

ken llaidlawhhawwickcc

Out of this world Team Sky with such a great win

sky boy

My drawings of today to celebrate the finish of the TDF

saganFinishing line

Rule Team Sky ,Best Cycling Team in the world.

paris sky

My Drawing for Today .Toast of France at the Tour De France Thibaut Pinot

out of this word Tobot Pinot

tpT.PINOT Jersey

My Drawing For Today

tdf aliens

My drawing for today