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My favourite tour would be to fly to the Moon and back. This is my first attempt at a rocket powered looner vehicle


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  1. I speak little english but me cycled between Krakoc and Warsaw and very good during summer – great site Rere

  2. I commute from st albans to hemel hempstead to adeyfield school [45 min for 9 miles along the a4147]

    regards hempsted

  3. Hi Fun Run Robbie,
    I cycle from senes to almeria to my maintenence job, throug the only desert in western europe, where sergio lionne made all the famous westerns.


  4. When I was 10, I somehow managed to cycle all the way into my neighbour’s brick wall.
    Instead of cycling back I carried my bike home anxious to hide it from my dad.
    Not one of my fave rides & not a recommended route.
    I’ve come a long way since then.

  5. Is it true that “fun-run-robbie” took up cycling after crashing his mini car into a wall after forgetting to remove the anti-theft device which was attached to the steering wheel and the brake? Had to clear up this rumour floating around the cycling world………surely nobody could be so stupid!

  6. Oh my God…………it is true. You are a legend Sir one less car on the road means more room for us cyclists! Did you see the GMTV article on TV mid-week which tarnished our reputation by showing cyclists going through red lights? I think it was a set up I’m sure fat Eamon Holmes was cycling one of them. I’ll still watch it though I do like that Penny Smith bird!

  7. my favourite ride is around the Trossachs from Stirling, over Sherriffmuir, back past Lake of Menteith. over the Duke’s Pass if I’m feeling strong enough and home via Callander!

    • It sound a terrific ride with stunning scenery , i have listened to your questions on the two johns. For a great ride in the border country, look up the ken laidilaw sportif on the 23/8/09

      keep turning the pedals

      fun run robbie

  8. Wonderful writing:) I am going to need a bit of time to think over this stuff=)

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