Hints and Tips

I recommend Powerbreathe to increase lung capacity to shave off those extra seconds. Read all about it at http://www.powerbreathe.com

classic-powerOn offer at Sainsbury Supermarket stores for only £19-99 [half price] Seen at London Colney Sainsbury 17th Jan 09 limited offer

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  1. A new government report has just shown that children learn much faster if they are tought using gesturing.
    Here are a few gestures that might help our teachers get their message across more effectively…

    …always glad to help!

  2. Being “fresh” in the teaching game we were taught about gesturing on the PGCE course. I tried it at my last school but found the “students” knew more than I. Thanks for you input Scouse Pepe and please accept my skyward pointing middle finger!!

  3. Just found out why you have a passion for cycling FRR……….noticed the Fiat Multipla was named as one of the worst 50 cars ever built in a global magazine…..hands up if you own one!! Don’t know why Spanish George is laughing, so was his Jaguar!! Remember Bikesafe………….courses available with your local Police force.

  4. Your my hero Stewart Barker i love you

  5. Aaaahh, I love you too FRR!

    …oh hang on, it’s you. Guess my eyes still not 100% after that op.

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