FRR Movember Look

Skinsuit for FRR .Dont think so! A letter recieved from one of my cycling chums in the Verulam Cycling Club

Folks, I know the TT season is ended, but now is the time to plan your campaign for next year. To this end how about ordering a skin suit from the designer club kit collection?  Sure to knock mega time of your Evening 10 or 25, and could also use for fancy dress parties over Christmas. Always good to look stylish in your own skin suit, rather than borrowing someone else’s which one member suggested a while ago.


The serious point is that we have some demand for these, but the supplier needs a minimum order for 10 units, so we need to have some more confirmed orders before getting them. Cost is about £70, tbc.


Please let Don know if you’d like to place an order, don’t forget to allow for an extra size due to excess eating over xmas.

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