FRR Movember Look

Skinsuit for FRR .Dont think so! A letter recieved from one of my cycling chums in the Verulam Cycling Club

Folks, I know the TT season is ended, but now is the time to plan your campaign for next year. To this end how about ordering a skin suit from the designer club kit collection?  Sure to knock mega time of your Evening 10 or 25, and could also use for fancy dress parties over Christmas. Always good to look stylish in your own skin suit, rather than borrowing someone else’s which one member suggested a while ago.


The serious point is that we have some demand for these, but the supplier needs a minimum order for 10 units, so we need to have some more confirmed orders before getting them. Cost is about £70, tbc.


Please let Don know if you’d like to place an order, don’t forget to allow for an extra size due to excess eating over xmas.

The FRR Andy Warhole Style Art Exhibition



The Spanish Olympic Sport of “Jamon Cutting”

A gift from the Brother in Law from Lyon, A Beer of Aix Les Bains nr Chambery in the French Alps

John G of the Two Johns Podcast, find the 2JPC at or I tunes , they are worth a good listen with their Wit Knowledge and tales of 2 wheels.

Is this the real boys behind Velocast Race Radio [aka ] The Chuckle Brothers Barry and Paul

Matt’s Rickshaw Challenge

The One Show‘s presenter Matt Baker announced today that he will be undertaking one of his most daunting challenges yet: The One Show Rickshaw Challenge for BBC Children in Need, which will see him ask Britain to get behind him as he cycles a rickshaw from Edinburgh to London in eight days.

Matt will embark on his arduous journey on the morning of Friday 11 November from Edinburgh Castle Esplanade and will attempt to complete the marathon 484-mile journey to the BBC in London, finishing live on The One Show’s Children in Need special on Friday 18 November on BBC One.

The One Show will go live to Hawick on Friday 11 November, the first stop in Matt’s Rickshaw Challenge.

The programme will greet him live on air every weeknight as Matt crosses the finishing line at each location.

The Myth ,the Man, the Legend Mr Jan Valencia the cycling guru of Seaside CA

New Moon Gem Lights for the Giant Mini Velo

Little bigger than a memory stick Moon’s Gem 1.0 might be the baby of the of the Moon Gem family but has a mightier output than its size would ever suggest.

Six to seven lumens and pronounced lens are perfect companions to dynamo and high power rechargeable units, invaluable for locating errant keys, mending punctures/other mechanicals in the dead of night too. Moreover, high beam is just powerful enough to tackle unlit country lanes in an emergency. It’s also an ideal emergency light to have with you all year round especially when the nights are drawing in and an unexpected delay could leave you facing a ride home from work in the gloom.

Available in black or white, it slips effortlessly aboard most handlebar diameters, adding a measly 20g. Gadget freaks will rejoice in the plug and play, cable fee USB connection. The rest of us will be secure in the knowledge, should the charge light blink red there’s a good forty-five minutes before we’re plunged into darkness. £19.99 for an emergency/back up light might seem a lot, but it is brighter than most and rechargeable and is priced on a bar with the USB rechargeable Backupz.

Much to my surprise, the switch is easily operable on the fly-even in full finger gloves. Sustained pressure sees it course between high, low, flashing, strobe modes and shut down mimicking that of high power li-on mtb systems. A rubber sheath protects the connector from dirt, ingress and more importantly the four seasons-drop it in a puddle and the relatively solid construction means you’ll live to ride another day, full immersion and it’s goodnight Vienna.

Performance from a full two and a half hour charge seems faithful to those quoted, we’ve managed three hours twenty four on the highest setting and six hours forty nine (compared with 3.5 and 7hrs respectively). Seven lumens in the high, static setting projects a bright, piercing (albeit small) spot and gives visibility at speeds between 10 and 12mph along secluded lanes, 15mph through the suburbs and town centres. It’s a very pure beam, capable of pricking driver consciousness but strobe and flashing are most effective-especially tackling junctions and roundabouts. In emergency peripheral visibility is better than expected but major roundabouts and turnings had the butterflies flapping in my belly


Surprisingly powerful additional or emergency backup light.